Page 115

December 14th, 2020

Give me a moment, on the eve of destruction. 

It's not like me to give a look behind the curtain, just like its not like me to intervene in the story. But before we continue, I must interrupt the only god who means anything to me to ask something of you, beloved audience.

We are gathered here by the warmth of my fire and, although it isn't much, the light has played well borne by it. The fuel of my fire is copper and ears and if I wished I were better I'd say all I've gotten back were eyes and fingers. Not even words in reply! Without words I am nothing. A wanderer by a fire. You can't even hear my music. Please, consider tribute to the God of Copper and Words.

I can't stop the beast, but I can give my beloved hero a new choice to make. 

If anyone asks this weird Aztec calendar was here the whole time.